What's a woman to do, when her heart overflows for a man?


If I were his daughter he’d find me attractive
If he were my husband I’d keep him so active
He’d stand proud and stiff, like his hair, in the strongest of breezes
His name flies through the sky, like an angel on high, praise jesus
(He says anything that he damn well pleases!)

I believe he’s the man who can make things run better
And I dream of his face that’s the color of cheddar
His grip squeezes strong and firm like a boa constrictor
He can strangle an elephant, or a senator - he’s always the victor!
(If he was an earthquake, he’d be a 10 on the richter!)

Great again, great again, great again
Make our country first-rate again
Great again, great again, great again, oh!

How things used to be
Simple, pure and free
It’s our destiny
To be openly Great Again!

I don’t want a soft dandy, no upper-crust crumpet
Give me a man hard as brass and I’ll blow his trumpet
Heed the clarion call, for he’ll send us all into battle
From behind a great wall, sitting tall, on a gold-plated saddle!
(They tremble in fear when they hear his sabre rattle!)

Great again, great again, great again
Free to openly hate again
Great again, great again, great again, oh!

All those feelings I’d
Bottled up inside
They won’t be denied
We’ll be Openly Great again!

Any way the wind blows, that’s the way he’ll be blowing
And wherever he goes, that’s where I’m going
With pride, I’ll be the 4th bride to this guiding light of men
He tells it like it is, I put my tiny hand in his
We’ll be right again!
White again!

To build our estate we’ll need lots of room
He’ll sweep everything clean with his mighty broom
Round up all of the strays, make ‘em pay their own way and migrate again!
© 2016 G Madsen ASCAP Mop Mop Music


released July 20, 2016
Laurie Amat, lead vocals, Gunnar Madsen all other vocals and instruments, real and imagined.



all rights reserved


Gunnar Madsen Berkeley

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